14kt Goldfill 3 Ring Earrings

14kt Goldfill 3 Ring Earrings


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Entwined Rings Earrings in 14kt Goldfill.

The rings are made from 14kt Goldfill and have a textured/lightly hammered pattern. The rings are 1/2" round, and they hang from 14kt Goldfill Earwires. Total length is 4.5cms.

Box insert (the card the jewelry sits on). 
Please choose from:
Plain Standard Tudorlily Insert
Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary
or our special Decade Birthday cards noting number of rings and decades.
** Need more rings, you can select up to 9 rings at checkout **

A complimentary polishing cloth is included in your order.

Matching Entwined Ring Necklaces are shown in the example picture.

14kt Goldfill is 9ct gold bonded over another base metal, usually brass. It is long lasting and doesn't chip or wear away. You care for 14tk Goldfill jewelry as you would for solid gold.