5 Ring Goldfill Entwined Ring Necklaces

5 Ring Goldfill Entwined Ring Necklaces


14kt Goldfill 5 Rings Necklace, 
perfect for a 50th Birthday or a special occasion needing 5 rings.

The rings have an alternating pattern of smooth and textured and the rings measure 3/4" wide.

Chain is 14kt Goldfill and available from 16 to 22 inches.

Box insert (the card the jewelry sits on). 
Please choose from:
Plain Standard Tudorlily Insert
Happy Birthday
Happy 50th Birthday, Five Rings for Five Decades
Happy Anniversary

Matching 14kt Goldfill Earrings are also available as shown in the example image.

Tudorlily Jewelry is sent giftwrapped in our branded packaging with ribbon.

What is 14kt Goldfill?  It is a layer of 14K Gold bonded to a base metal.  It wears like real gold, does not tarnish and reacts to your skin the same way as solid gold.